Buses of Somerset timetable updates from 3 September 2023

From Sunday 3 September 2023, Buses of Somerset will be amending the timetables to the following routes:  

Service X22 Wellington – Tiverton Increased frequency increase between Wellington and Tiverton. 

Service 54 Taunton – Yeovil - Departures from Taunton will leave 5 minutes earlier to improve punctuality. Departures from Yeovil will arrive at Taunton 5 minutes later.

Service 28 Taunton – Minehead - A new Sunday timetable will be introduced to improve punctuality.

Service 51 Yeovil Town Service - Buses will run every 45 minutes before 0900 Mondays to Fridays and all-day Saturdays.


Full timetable details can be found at: https://www.firstbus.co.uk/somerset/plan-journey/timetables?date=2023-09-03 

To keep up to date with services, customers can download the First Bus App or follow Buses of Somerset on X (twitter) @BusesOfSomerset


South West Coaches - 96/96A  - Updated Timetables from 4th September 2023

Full timetable details can be found at: South West Coaches - Bus timetables

96C - Updated Timetable from 4th September 2023 (College Days Only)

Stop Name (Locality)   Stop name (Locality)  
Merriott (Somerset), The Church 07:10 Taunton (Somerset), Somerset College 1 16:40
Merriottsford, The Old Chapel 07:11 Taunton (Somerset), Tesco 16:41
Broadshard, Ribblesdale 07:13 Taunton (Somerset), Taunton County Hall 16:43
Broadshard, Bincombe Close 07:14 Taunton (Somerset), Castle Way 16:45
Crewkerne, Wadham School 07:15 Taunton (Somerset), Corporation Street 16:45
Crewkerne, George Hotel 07:20 Taunton (Somerset), The Parade 16:46
Crewkerne, West Street 07:20 Taunton (Somerset), Primark 16:48
Roundham, Travellers Rest 07:22 Taunton (Somerset), Tauntfield Close 16:51
Purtington, Winsham Turn 07:25 Taunton (Somerset), Holway Avenue 16:52
Windwhistle, Windwhistle Inn 07:27 Taunton (Somerset), Richard Huish College 16:55
Cricket St Thomas, Cricket St Thomas 07:29 Taunton (Somerset), Calway Road 16:55
Lydmarsh, Whatlet Turn 07:33 Taunton (Somerset), Mountfields Road 16:55
Lydmarsh, Wreath Turn 07:35 Taunton (Somerset), Stoke Road 16:57
Lydmarsh, The Drift 07:36 Taunton (Somerset), Hawthorn Road 16:57
Chard, East Street Tescos 07:41 Taunton (Somerset), Sports Centre 16:59
Chard, St. Mary's Church 07:43 Taunton (Somerset), Ilminster Road Busway 17:02
Chard, Boden Street 07:45 Ruishton, Blackbrook Inn 17:04
Chard, Essex Close 07:45 Haydon (Somerset), Bushy Cross 17:06
Chard, Oscar Meyer 07:47 Henlade, Falcon Hotel 17:08
Chard, Ship Inn 07:48 Thornfalcon, Nags Head 17:09
Hornsbury, Hornsbury Mill 07:49 Hatch Beauchamp, Hatch Beauchamp 17:14
Donyatt, The George Inn 07:52 Horton Cross, Herne View 17:23
Donyatt, Phone Box 07:52 Donyatt, The George Inn 17:26
Horton Cross, Lamb Inn 07:53 New England (Somerset), Hornsbury Mill 17:29
Horton Cross, Herne View 07:54 Chard, Ship Inn 17:31
Hatch Green, Hatch Beauchamp 08:02 Chard, Oscar Meyer 17:31
Thornfalcon, Garage 08:06 Chard, St. Mary's Church 17:34
Thornfalcon, Nags Head 08:07 Chard, Boden Street 17:35
Henlade, Henlade Cross 08:09 Chard, Essex Close 17:35
Haydon (Somerset), Bushy Cross 08:09 Lydmarsh, The Drift 17:39
Ruishton, Blackbrook Inn 08:10 Lydmarsh, Wreath Turn 17:39
Taunton (Somerset), Ilminster Road Busway 08:11 Lydmarsh, Whatlet Turn 17:40
Taunton (Somerset), Sports Centre 08:13 Cricket St Thomas, Cricket St Thomas 17:43
Taunton (Somerset), Stoke Road 08:14 Windwhistle, Windwhistle Inn 17:45
Taunton (Somerset), Mountfields Road 08:15 Purtington, Winsham Turn 17:47
Taunton (Somerset), Calway Road 08:15 Roundham, Travellers Rest 17:51
Taunton (Somerset), Richard Huish College 08:16 Crewkerne, West Street 17:54
Taunton (Somerset), Holway Avenue 08:18 Crewkerne, Kings Arms 17:55
Taunton (Somerset), Tauntfield Close 08:20 Crewkerne, Wadham School 17:57
Taunton (Somerset), Aylands Road 08:31 Broadshard, Laburnham Crescent 17:57
Taunton (Somerset), Somerset College 1 08:35 Broadshard, Bincombe Close 17:57
    Broadshard, Ribblesdale 17:59
    Merriottsford, The Old Chapel 18:01
    Merriott (Somerset), The Church 18:03




























New evening bus services introduced from 30 January 2023

Evening bus services on some key routes in Somerset begin running 30 January 2023.

Somerset Council is subsidising evening services from Monday to Saturday connecting Taunton with the towns of Minehead, Bridgwater, Wellington and Chard after 8pm and running to at least 10.30pm. Currently most of the services stop between 8-8.30pm.

To find out more : Bus it – You know it makes sense (somerset.gov.uk)


Service No Route Details
D2 Frome to Bath

First West of England are restoring the evening services between Frome and Bath.

These services are the 20:10 & 22:10 from Frome to Bath and the 21:10 & 23:10 Bath to Frome.

Sunday Services have moved to a 2 hourly Frequency.


For the timetable please visit Timetables | First Bus